Monday, November 29, 2010

Monsoon - New Work

Monsoon, 30" x 40", Mixed Media on Canvas, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Shadow Chandelier by Atelierbbb

My obsession with chandeliers has led me to find this interesting rendition by Stephane Barbier Bouvet of Atelierbbb.

Who needs crystal and gold when you have paint?


I had an short but sweet trip to Chicago over the weekend for portfolio reviews. I stayed at the Palmer House Hilton and was amazed by the lobby. The historic hotel first opened on September 26, 1871 only to burn down less than two weeks later in the Great Chicago Fire. The hotel was rebuilt in iron and brick, and was advertised as "The world's only fire-proof hotel." It was amazing to know that I stayed in the same hotel as Oscar Wilde, Charles Dickens and Mark Twain (well, the same location at least).

Not only was the lobby ornately beautiful, it was also full of interesting people - from a huge wedding and the National Roller Derby Competition. Never have fish-nets tights and helmets looked so good in freezing weather.
Check out the Windy City Rollers.