Monday, February 28, 2011

From "Edge of Desire"

"Location as an act of choice or a force of circumstance forms the matrix of our comprehension of individual subjectivity and how it addresses the world. And while place and location afford a measure of belonging, they also convey a sense of limits: together with positive aspects of rootedness and empowerment, a physical, cultural, or historical locus also implies boundedness, containment and limitation." - Chaitanya Sambrani

Rural Studio

A few months ago, one of my favorite professors from the University of Georgia introduced me to a program at Auburn University called Rural Studio. The program was founded 17 years ago "to improve living conditions in rural Alabama while imparting practical experience to architecture students. " The results are dynamic structures, both small homes and community centers, created by students.

"If architecture is going to nudge, cajole, and inspire a community to challenge the status quo into making responsible changes, it will take the subversive leadership of academics and practitioners who keep reminding students of the profession's responsibilities." Samuel Mockbee

View the Rural Studio Website here.
You can buy a book full of Rural Studios projects here.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Welcome to Miami

I have just returned home to New Orleans from a fantastic show in Miami. I fall in love with new locations easily. I know this. . .but Miami had such a nice combination of sun, surf, skyscrapers, boats, and of course, a strong latin vibe.

While there, I was gifted a string of origami cranes all made from maps of Louisiana. The artist, Sarah Bein, is also a jeweler and musician. You can find examples of her work here.

I also had the pleasure of returning to Seaside, Fl. You may know Seaside as the location where the Truman Show was filmed in 1998. Every home in Seaside is unique with towers, swings, and observation decks. Between the homes are charming oak lined pathways all boasting soothing names. The only thing the town is missing. . . is a windmill - our dream home. Read more about Seaside on wikipedia here. Yves and I went a little crazy last year on finding books about such a unique town. Some of our favorites:

Seaside: Making a Town in America by Mohney and Easterling


Views of Seaside by Andres Duany


Parallel Utopia by Richard Sexton

The next few weeks are extremely busy for me. I will be interviewing with MFA programs, finishing commissions, and starting several large scale canvases for my new series. . . AND enjoying Mardi Gras all at the same time.